Blu-River Vulpix of Orrono

Grand Champion Blu-River Vulpix of Orrono

Cream smoke & white (MCO es 03)

Pix is from our good friends at Blu River. He brings in what we love about the breed – strong but balanced features and a cracking personality.

Pix’s favourite thing to do is turn into liquid and go head first down his cat tree. 

Pix is an LCWW Grand Champion and we couldn’t be more delighted!

Sire: Big-Hannibals Hurry Can
Dam: Heartstealer Orchidea

HCM gene: N/N
PK Def: N/N


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2022-2023 Season

LCWW Birmingham, January 2023

Cats entered: 12

6th Best Cat
4th Best Longhair 
9th Best Longhair

Titles gained:
Grand Champion

LCWW Purr & Fur

Cats entered: 13

9th Best Cat
10th Best Cat 
3rd Best Longhair 
4th Best Longhair
5th Best Longhair
6th Best Longhair

Titles gained: