DK*Chicha’s Dougal Dunston

TICA Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion & LCWW Grand Champion DK*Chicha's Dougal Dunston

Black smoke & white (MCO ns 03)

Dougal is our imported Danish stud and he’s the biggest baby I’ve ever seen! He brings huge boning, beautiful type, fabulous old Danish lines to our breeding, and a pudding personality we just love. 

Dougal has had an amazing show career in the 22/23 season and is now a Regional Winner and Quadruple Grand Champion in TICA & a Grand Champion in LCWW! More detailed show results are below.

He is available for limited stud duties to trusted breeders. He is TICA, LCWW and GCCF registered. All matings will be subject to breeding restrictions.

Our thanks to DK*Chicha’s Maine Coons for our precious boy.

Sire: Escobar Dar Perla Annaru
Dam: IC Jesma Cat’s Joy of Life

HCM gene: N/N
PK Def: N/N


Show results

2022-2023 Season

3rd Best International Black Smoke & White Maine Coon

1st Best Europe West Black Smoke & White Maine Coon

5th Best Europe West Maine Coon

25th Best Europe West Longhair – Regional Winner title

TICA Naked Northeners, March 2023

Cats entered: 58

8th Best Cat
10th Best Cat 
8th Best Longhair 
8th Best Longhair

Titles gained:
Grand Champion
Double Grand Champion
Triple Grand Champion
Quadruple Grand Champion

LCWW Stafford, March 2023

Cats entered: 16

8th Best Cat 
6th Best Longhair 
8th Best Longhair 
9th Best Longhair 

Titles gained:
Grand Champion

LCWW Birmingham, January 2023

Cats entered: 12

8th Best Cat
3rd Best Longhair 
6th Best Longhair
8th Best Longhair

Titles gained:

TICAMadness, December 2022

Cats entered: 64

7th Best Cat
9th Best Cat

Titles gained:

LCWW Purr & Fur, September 2022

Juniors entered: 14

4th Best Junior
5th Best Junior x3
8th Best Junior x2
4th Best Longhair Junior x2
5th Best Longhair Junior
6th Best Longhair Junior
8th Best Longhair Junior