Our Girls

Blue tortie smoke with white (MCO gs 03)

Blu-River Raven of Orrono

Raven is our darling baby from Blu-River Maine Coons. She has the cuddliest personality and loves to sit on a shoulder like a parrot, nuzzling an ear and getting her fuss

Raven’s pedigree is German and traditional UK lines, she has a beautiful muzzle and is a chunky girl with solid boning

Our thanks to Lauren and Daniel for our little poppet, dream tortie, and perfect foundation girl

Sire: Big-Hannibals Hurry Can
Dam: Adpixsl Summers Rain

HCM gene: N/N
PK Def: N/N


Black tortie smoke with white (MCO fs 03)

Orrono Luna Lovegood

Luna is our homebred girl from our first litter with Raven.

She is a sweet, loving and cuddly girl that purrs like a steam engine. Luna has inherited her mother’s love of sitting like a parrot on a shoulder, and giving her humans a good clean!

Her sire lives with our good friends at Moonlightcoon in Norfolk. His lines are from Gonsior Lines in Russia and he reached Grand Champion at the tender age of just 12 months.

Luna shows super promise with the best of both her parents and we are excited to see what she produces.

Sire:  GrCh W’Almaz Amerkun
Dam: Blu-River Raven of Orrono

HCM gene: N/N
PK Def: N/N