What happens next?

I have submitted my enquiry, what next?

Once your enquiry has been accepted, we will arrange to give you a call and discuss your interest further. ​

If both we and you are happy to go ahead, we will arrange for you to visit us and our adult cats, so we can meet you in person. Where possible we will aim to meet at a cat show, the safety of our home is paramount. A further visit can then be arranged to come to our home and meet the rest of our furry family.

What happens after the visit?

If you feel we are the right fit for you, and we feel you are the right fit for our kittens, you will be placed on our kitten waiting list. Your place on our waiting list is based on the date you submit your application, not the date of the meeting.​

When we have kittens, emails will be sent out based on waiting list and preferences when they are approximately 5 weeks old; the email will contain information on parentage, colours, and genders.

Please respond to these emails as soon as you can, so we can move through the list if the kittens are not for you.

When do I get to visit my kitten?

Once you have confirmed your interest in the litter, you will be invited to visit when the kittens are 10 – 11 weeks old to meet them and see which kitten chooses you. At these visits you will be able to interact and play with the kittens, ask us any questions, and have a good giggle at daft kittens antics.

At this visit, if you are happy with the kitten that has chosen you, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £150 to reserve your kitten. If at any point before 14 – 16 weeks you are unable to take the kitten, your deposit can be transferred to a later litter. If you choose not to take a kitten from a later litter, your deposit will not be refunded.

You will also be required to sign a kitten agreement. We will email copies to this with each litter availability. You are welcome to ask questions about it at any time but its contents are non-negotiable.

Once a deposit is paid and the kitten agreement signed, your kitten becomes reserved. You are required to pay the full balance before you collect your kitten, details of which will be discussed during your visits.

Do I get more than one visit?

Absolutely! We welcome visits from our kittens’ new families regularly before they go to your home. Regular visits will help them learn your voices and smells, and will make their settling in to your home a much smoother transition.

We appreciate than some owners may be travelling a distance to visit, so we don’t expect visits every week. We do insist on a second visit some time between 12 – 15 weeks, before you pick them up at 14 – 16 weeks, as it allows them to get used to you (and you them!) before they go home with you.

When can I take them home?

Kittens will be ready for their new homes after we feel they have recovered sufficiently from their spay/neuter procedure. This will be at a minimum of 14 weeks.

We will arrange a mutually convenient date for you to collect them, and we insist on them going home in an appropriately sturdy cat carrier. Kittens will not be released without a carrier.

Kittens will be neutered before leaving us at 14 – 16 weeks without exception. We do not sell for breeding.