What happens next?

I have submitted my enquiry, what next?

We aim to get back to as many enquiries as possible, however due to the amount we receive it isn’t always possible to get back to everyone. If you haven’t received a reply within 3 weeks, unfortunately your enquiry was unsuccessful.  

Do we allow visits?

Due to COVID, we have not been allowing visitors. This will continue once COVID rules are lifted, as we have found it is best for our cats, kittens, and family unit not to have regular kitten visitors. Instead, we do live video calls so you can see cats and kittens in real time, and we send our homes heaps of photos and videos whilst kittens are still with us.

When and how can I take them home?

Kittens will be ready for their new homes after we feel they have recovered sufficiently from their spay/neuter procedure. This will be at a minimum of 14 weeks.

We will arrange a mutually convenient date for you to collect them, and we insist on them going home in an appropriately sturdy cat carrier. Kittens will not be released without a carrier.

If travelling to collect your kitten is difficult, we are happy to arrange a courier. Courier fees will be at your own cost, and we will charge an additional amount for a suitable carrier that you can use throughout your kitten’s life.

Kittens will be neutered before leaving us at 14 – 16 weeks without exception. We do not sell for breeding.