Colour Gallery

Colour Gallery

What colours can we produce?

Our breeding programme focuses on solids and smokes. Follow the links below to see examples of our colours, both with and without white.

Black solid (MCO n) or (MCO n 03)

Black smoke (MCO ns) or (MCO ns 03)

Black tortie solid (MCO f) or (MCO f 03)

Black tortie smoke (MCO fs) or (MCO fs 03)

Blue solid (MCO a) or (MCO a 03)

Blue smoke (MCO as) or (MCO as 03)

Blue tortie solid (MCO g) or (MCO g 03)

Coming soon…

Blue tortie smoke (MCO gs) or (MCO gs 03)

Red solid (MCO d) or (MCO d 03)

Red smoke (MCO ds) or (MCO ds 03)

Cream solid (MCO e) or (MCO e 03)

Coming soon…

Cream smoke (MCO es) or (MCO es 03)