Kitten Pricing Survey


The overwhelming conclusion of this survey analysis shows that kitten prices are, on average £800-£1,000.

This average takes into account registry, region, and method of finding one’s breeder. 

It is understandable that some may find this result frustrating, as there is some belief that breeders are consistently undercharging. Those that charge more than this average will have justifications for doing so and some are indeed valid. Some vets cost more than others, regardless of region, some do more vet work such as HCM scans and early neutering, breeders who show have higher outgoings than breeders who don’t show. There is also the cost of different foods – some breeders feed mainly dry whilst others feed only raw. This will also have an effect on the price of kittens.

There is no doubt that anyone paying a high price for their kitten loves them just as much as someone who paid £800 or less. 

What is vital to remember is that price does not equal quality or value.


Whilst this survey did yield fascinating results, it was relatively small. For a detailed analysis, around 1,000 surveys would have been better.

That being said, the survey results were generally very balanced in terms of region, price and how the breeder was found. 

So, whilst this analysis can not be taken as gospel, it can be taken as a fairly accurate glimpse into the cost of Maine Coons prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.