Results by breeder

Kitten Pricing Survey

Results by how the breeder was found

As mentioned previously in this analysis, places like Pets4Homes have been widely argued as an unwise source through which to purchase a kitten. 

Our survey came back with a variety of ways in which owners found their breeders, and including all of them in this analysis resulted in some very messy graphs. 

Instead, we have compiled the 5 most popular ways in which owners found their breeders to give an idea of price.

Note – we have excluded kittens born in 2018 and prior so as not to skew the results. We have seen from previous analyses that the average price has not changed abnormally since 2019.

Recommendation was overall the most popular way to find a breeder and has the most consistent pricing in the whole of the dataset. Comparatively few kittens were priced out of the average range for this option. 

Facebook pages have yielded a very chaotic pricing for kittens. Whilst there is an overwhelming majority of kittens at £900-£1,000, there are still a number at <£800 and £1,101-£1,200. The spread of pricing is also much wider than seen in recommendations.

Those breeders found via a Facebook group have a little more consistency, although we see a similar spread of pricing to Facebook page kittens. 

Websites were the least popular of this grouping but were very consistent in results.

Pets4Homes, as expected, varied wildly and had a comparatively high number of kittens in the higher pricing bracket.