Results by region

Kitten Pricing Survey

Results by region

One of the biggest debates in Maine Coons is regional variation in pricing. One would expect London & Surrounding to generally be more expensive than other regions, so let’s look at the survey data.

For the purposes of accurate data, we have excluded those surveys that were for cats born in 2018 & prior.

The majority of surveys indicate that £800-£900 is the most common pricing, closely followed by £900-£1,000.

London & Surrounding and the South West are fairly consistent with each other in their pricing, which would be reflective of the higher cost of living in those areas. One would expect the South East to be similar too, but the overwhelming majority of kittens were between £800-£1,000 with comparatively little range in pricing.

The East of England was somewhat of a surprise, as it can be affected by the overspill of London. Prices were lower than expected, however returned surveys for the region were low which may affect the results. 

The West Midlands also has a huge spread of pricing, more than observed in the southern regions. This is surprising as the cost of living is lower than in the southern regions so a consistent, low price was expected. 

The East Midlands, North East, Wales and Scotland gave results that were expected. There was overall very little spread in pricing and all were fairly consistent with the general cost of living in those regions. 

Yorkshire & The Humber was a huge surprise in terms of the spread of pricing. The region is generally expected to be inline with the North West, so a significant percentage of higher-priced kittens was very unexpected.

The North West rivalled the West Midlands in its return of surveys but had a much smaller spread of pricing, as expected.