Results by registry

Kitten Pricing Survey

Results by registry

The results at a glance demonstrated that the average price is around £800-£1000. Is this average consistent across all registries throughout the pandemic and prior? This is what we will examine next.

GCCF pricing

As a whole, GCCF breeders were very consistent across their pricing.

We can see a small increase year on year which would be normal, particularly as veterinary care and the cost of food have risen during the pandemic & Brexit. 

Despite some breeders charging more than perhaps one would expect for GCCF, it appears the average price for Maine Coons was £800-£900 in 2020 and £900-£1,000 in 2021.

TICA pricing

TICA has a much more diversity in pricing in comparison to GCCF.

Whilst the average price in both 2020 and 2021 was £900-£1000, higher prices for kittens are more commonplace in TICA than in GCCF.

The key point remains, however, that the average price for TICA remains inline with GCCF.

Felis Britannica pricing

Unfortunately surveys numbers for Felis Britannica were very low – we received 11 surveys of kittens registered with the organisation. 

Such a low number makes it impossible to come to any meaningful conclusions, however, this survey may reopen in time and we can reassess the data when we have more respondents.